Sic Bo vs. Craps – Which One Is Better?

Are you being confused on understanding between both popular games, Sic Bo and Craps? Sometimes it really looks so similar, but it’s actually different. In fact, there are two kinds of dice games i.e. Craps and Sic Bo which both can be found at the land-based and online casinos. Basically, there no significant differences you can find by these games, but it’s just about the origin where these games come. Sic Bo vs. Craps – which one is better? Let’s get to know more about them.

Sic Bo vs. Craps – Which One Is Better?

Craps obviously is a game which famously related to casino games which lot of film or TV popularizes it. In the other hand, Sic Bo comes up with similar display or layout from another part of the world that is Asian origin. Due to its popularity and fame, both Sic Bo and Craps are technically similar but bring a difference of the origin. But is it any difference except all those things we’ve mentioned before?

What is Craps?

Mostly people may have heard about Craps, especially when they have experienced on casino games. Technically, Craps is a popular dice game that drives players to put their bets in a single or set series of rolls of a pair of dice. Here, players may take a bet to challenge the opposite (commonly find in street casino), or betting against the bank. Hence, this game called as Casino Craps, or Table Craps.

What is Sic Bo?

It looks similar but different, Sic Bo known as a crap game which comes from Asia. In several place, Sic Bo has various name such as Tai Sai, Hi-Lo, or Dai Siu. With lot of popularities especially in Asia, mostly gamblers take this game in a famous place of Casino Machine such as Macau and Philippines. But nowadays, Sic Bo is not only available in Asia but it also can be found in other part of the world.

The Difference between Craps and Sic Bo

Mostly people may feel so confuse when they’re trying to make a difference between these similar games, Sic Bo and Craps at the first time. But when you have dived into these both, you may find the main difference between them. Sic Bo is a game of chance depends on the rolls of the dice that will be affecting to the results, whether it goes to win or loss on a bet.

In craps, some bets may require rolls of the dice which decided before. The results, even it’s coming to victory or defeat, will be affected by that condition as well. However, craps also leads players to encourage their strategy on betting. Therefore, the differences between both of those games make them uniquely contrasting.

Similarities between Craps and Sic Bo

Besides there is a certain different between Craps and Sic Bo, these two casino games are slightly similar at all. Based on gameplay, both of those games involve players to bet on certain conditions. It also allows players to set the pair or trio of dice in each game. Furthermore, those games are also played on table or betting squares which also provide various options of bets that available for any players.

So, between Sic Bo vs. Craps – which one is better? For an enjoyable table game, just take what you love more.